Monday, September 9, 2013

Day 3, Part I: Maison & Objet, Paris

Notice its Day 3, Part I, because this was such a huge day that I had to divide it in half! We were in high gear by today, and we worked several buildings at the show (there are 7 buildings in total) by 7:00 PM.

Just to be make sure we saw the last building before the show ends, we started in the farthest building, building 7. First off we saw these great looking outdoor dining and side tables. We loved the shapes and the styling of these designs, and all are available in over 20 colors.

We saw foam covered furniture, below, which was innovative and interesting enough to feature today, but not interesting enough to buy.

The Finish company, Marimekko, was present and looked fresh this year. Their booth featured huge swaths of their two newest fabric designs which were dramatically hung from the ceiling rafters.  "Clouds", made of more Marimekko patterns, hovered high above the display.

Across the aisle we found these portable tables, below, that are so light weight and are shipped flat packed that you can put them in your car (most cars) and take your purchase home with you.

The shape of a horse makes for an interesting console, with two drawers, in black

Dog, above, was the inspiration for these tables painted in Yves Klein Blue

An Ostrich, above,  has some kick in a rich red finish, with neck and head made into a lamp!
We loved the Yacht furniture (below), built by a yacht designer. Shown here in natural teak with white white silicone spacers, just like the deck of a yacht. 
Interesting lighting fixtures at graypants, an innovative group of young partners working in a sustainable manner. Featured, below, is a 6 ft. diameter cardboard globe lighting fixture.
Next door, Le Deun Luminaries, featured these circular table top lamps with LED, below.
The Finnish lighting designers under the label Secto, featured their signature light wood, veneered and bent into perfectly proportioned shapes.
 Design Heure showed contemporary styled lighting, but particularly interesting were the individual fixtures grouped together like to form one large chandelier, which were "floating" beside each other with no visual means of support, shown below.

Also from Design Heure were these wall sconces with hardback shades trimmed in Black, shown below.

There was a speaker clad in solid marble... big whoop, right? Heck yeah, because its done in the round! Really fabulous and great sound. Super cool!
Mirror and picture Frames, and even a chandelier were executed in rope. Interesting, indeed.
Another lighting vendor featured pendants that were half enameled and half finished metal, shown below:
Hanging fixtures in groups or in clusters, as shown above and below, is a big thing both in residential and commercial adaptions.
We saw the much talked about, Belgium made, Tabata Tables, the See & Touch, multi-touch table that can be used as a business kiosk, or better yet, customized for adults with multi touch Poker, Hockey or virtually any other game, as well as using it for interactive programs such as financial planning or running the equipment and systems in your home. Create one for your children which can be designed at any level and change the programming anytime: daily, weekly monthly or yearly to keep up with your child's changing education or entertainment needs.

 A couple of notable displays, below, both garden/landscape oriented but created indoors:

And a funny! New and already beaten up Luggage branded as, "Handle Without Care"
And even though this is a two part post, I am not going to make you wait until pat II to see "Worst in Show", as we saw plenty of candidate during the first half of our day:

A very long wiener is cut in half and upholstered on two chair backs, $6400 retail for the pair of French chairs, including the wiener.

Some of you  may wish to own this chair and wonder how this chair could possibly been deemed worthy as a candidate for WIS. Right!

A very unusual candidate from the shores of India. Made entirely of Corian (yes that Corian of old). The chairs are meant to keep you conscious and aware of the food you are eating because the centered, singular back rest presses against the middle of your spine while you dine! The tree branch will accommodate a strand of lights of your choice (no included). Table and seven chairs (yes 7, not 6, and not 8, but 7) can be yours for $12,000, pus freight.

The green, eco thing is going a bit far: This armless chair is made of stacks of discarded clothing. Ask them if they cleaned the garments before stacking them and you may hear, "I don't know"!
All for now.
Good night moon

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