Saturday, September 7, 2013

Day 1: Maison & Objet, Paris

Day: 1

After an arduous time navigating the Paris Metro, we arrived at the Parc d' Exposition an hour after we began. Had we been a bit more accurate on assessing our abilities to use the Metro, we might have been there in 30 minutes. Did I say that it was hot here? Well it is, and with arms raised high holding on to the grab bars, the scents in the crowded subway were at an all time high. Lordy!

Once we arrived we made a B-line for the 1st of the 7 buildings, and were immediately awed, just as we were the first time we attended this show. This year as in years past the first booth you come to is DK, a forward thinking and stylish company that makes furniture, lighting and accessories.

Chandeliers with raw selenite "stalactites", hung in a blackened steel frame. Fabulous!

Dining table with natural colored parchment top, and smooth dyed leather base. Stunning!

A dining table with a reclaimed, "live edge" wood top, and Giacometti style iron legs. 

One of the things I'm always amazed by is the great lengths that the European vendors go to in making their booths most representative of their "look", or point of view. Pictured above is Moroccan style entrance to a booth, and another that was about color and pattern

A cozy corner alcove at a lighting vendor, upholstered in Suede and linen.

New Rug trend: Tie-dyed wool flat weave rugs

We found a great new rug source for flat weave wool rugs. we loved them all and bought five of them in various styles/colors/patterns. All one of a kind and well priced, available at Cabana Home Santa Barbara in early November.

Missoni style woven flat weave rug, above.
One of our more demure rug purchases, an off white and tan wool flat weave.

Not one of our buys, but stunning in its own right, a rug rom Afghanistan, above. It almost looks like Afghani letters, probably says "Go Home American troops?!"

Now from the floor to the ceiling: We bought these interesting blown glass hanging fixtures in colored glass.

And back to the floor: From the Architectural Digest featured rug importer, Zollanvari, one of our favorite rug vendors. We bought three fab rugs here, all in stock at Cabana Home in late October.

If I never see another piece of furniture, lamp or accessory made out of old metal signs again, that would be fine with me! It was here in excess.

A fresh take on carved stone on stands: Square carved Jade, and "ancient" carved fishes.

Artist Etienne Moyt, an artist who carves intricate patterns in wood with a chain saw!

Stunning new lighting from several new vendors, below:

Materials included, jute with leather, blackened metal combined with metal gold leaf, resin finished with realistic metal finishes that you had to tap on to believe.

Rolls of vegetable dyed cotton trim and a table base with glass top made for a vendors colorful JUJU (sic) collection, below:

Vintage shagreen covered occasional tables. We bought them and they will be here in November.

Contemporary console, lacquer and natural exposed wood from hand carving, below:

An oak, French Tea table with leather top and legs partially upholstered in velvet, with nailhead trim, below:

Market Trends:
In: Color; Lacquer on everything
Out: Anything Belgian that remotely looks like it came from Restoration Hardware

And finally, "Worst in Show" (yes, I can't resist):

If you saw yesterdays photo of a Paris Gnome with the itchy middle finger, then you may appreciate this: A gorilla posed in a store window with his middle finger extended to passersby! What is it with the French and the middle finger?

Buddha with melted, colored candle wax drippings. What ever happened to using a Chianti bottle?


Okay, now you can be the horses Zebra's ass (or head)!

A trio of upholstered French chairs: The black & white one is upholstered in Chicken feathers!

A lot of Asian humor (or so they someone thinks). We saw red lacquered Sumo wrestlers, to these stone carved heads. Whatever!

And the winner of this category: Blown (I know, don't even go there!) glass phallic utensils.

All for now!

Goodnight Moon.

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