Saturday, February 28, 2015

Steve Thompson reviews new outdoor collections by Janus et Cie at Cabana Home - Santa Barbara

Designed in Santa Barbara and available in Santa Barbara! You may want to check out the new Wing Collection by Janus et Cie at Cabana Home

The Wing (Dining) Chair
 The Collection designed by the company’s founder, Janice Feldman (a Santa Barbara resident), is woven of synthetic JANUSfiber over a powder coated Aluminum frame. Rounded and slightly flared legs give a sophisticated but casual elegance to the Dining chairs.
The Wing Sofa
The collection features a Side table, Coffee table, Sofa, Club Chair and Loveseat, all with flared sides. Most of the collection is available in two finishes: Lava (dark brown) or Nimbus (off white).

The STRADA Collection, designed by Paola Navone features a handwoven JANUSfiber base with an inset stone top.
Strada outdoor Dining Table
We love the lines on the Chaise Lounge in the new Quadratl Collection by California based designer Orlando Diaz-Acuzy.
The Quadratl Chaise Lounge
Take the indoors out! The Robin Armchair will have even the most seasoned outdoor furniture aficionado wondering how it can be possible that a chair with such style and detail and be used outdoors. The chair is woven with special resin saturated Kraft paper twisted around galvanized steel wire, combined with premium teak legs.
The Robin Dining Arm Chair
Pair your favorite chairs with the new Capella Dining Table. This 65inch diameter outdoor table sits on a classically inspired faceted pedestal base. Powder coated aluminum table designed by Janice Feldman.
Capella Dining Table
The Tiempo Collection blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor style. Clean lined deep upholstered seating sits atop a premium teak base and Electropolished Stainless Steel legs. Designed by Jorge Pensi Design Studio, the collection features.
The Tiempo Lounge Chair

The Tiempi Corner Module Chair (for sectional)
The line definitely fits the Cabana Home moniker, “seamlessly blending the indoors and outdoors”.

Good Night Moon

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


CONJURING RAIN 1, 2, & 3. Artist, Mary Heebner.
Each 50 X 38

To visit an artist in their studio is just as thrilling today as it was the first time I got to do it 25 years ago with our group from our museum (Dallas Museum of Art). It's so interesting to get to see where the artists lives (sometimes) and works. The space where the idea is "conjured", where its executed, and finished...voilĂ ...the master piece is born (or not).


This week I've been in the studio of the acclaimed California artist, Mary Heebner several times as we worked on her upcoming show that opens this week (Friday, February 13th, 2015) at our Cabana Home - Santa Barbara store. It's absolutely thrilling to work so closely - with one so talented. The show, Conjuring Rain, comes at a time when we in Santa Barbara, and most of California, are experiencing severe drought conditions. Ironically, just as we began pulling works for the show, it began to rain!

"More conjuring", I say!

Mary's studio is layered with bits and pieces of her life's works; Series of works that span decades, subjects so varied and deep it is difficult to comprehend in my short-spurt visits. Works on handmade paper, paintings on canvas, books, books with paintings and narrative written and by the artist, some in collaboration with others -- well known for their literary prose. 

During the Winter Solstice of 2014, Heebner writes the following regarding Conjuring Rain:

In mid-November I walked in the hills above Gaviota with a friend. Although a wash of low clouds portended rain, I simply felt, five years deep into a drought that the sky was once again bluffing. A mist as gentle as eyelashes darkened the dust. Were we in a fog cloud or was this really rain? We could see the slim lines of a soft shower—rain. While hiking, a shift in the air was palpable as the plants gave up their scent. I inhaled eucalyptus, buckwheat, coyote brush, sage as the earth exhaled, releasing her pungent perfumes.


Three weeks later I overnighted in Avila Beach. A storm was in the forecast. This time it was supposed to deliver. A sunless coat of grey erased the horizon, a sheet metal monoscape broken only by shoreline slashes of white foam. That evening I began a series of paintings, conjuring rain. I awoke before dawn to the sound of hard, steady downpour. Walking in the early morning, head turned skyward, the rain on my face, nose, fingertips, I felt like those thirsty plants in the parched Gaviota hills.

Conjuring Rain 4

Conjuring rain, to awaken the scent of a storm, to summon moisture and penetrate a sere land, to pour the most precious drink upon the dust. Water—the milk of the earth.
- Mary Heebner

Other works that deal with water from an earlier series of work by Mary Heebner will be included in the show:
Laguna Salada No. 03. Mixed medium collage on paper, 30x36

The Blues. Acrylic, ink, metallic pigment, on handmade Japanese paper, 73x37
Patagonia- Unearthed Indigo 2, Acrylic, pigment and interference pigment on Stonehenge paper
41 x 29

Please join us if you're in the Santa Barbara area this week to see these extraordinary works and to meet and get to know the artist, Mary Heebner.

Conjuring Rain is produced  in cooperation with the Edward Cella Art + Architecture Gallery in Los Angles and Cabana Home Santa Barbara, opening February 13, 2015.

Cabana Home
111 Santa Barbara Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Good night moon.