Friday, June 15, 2007

New Design Blog---Live Well with-Design Guy

This is day one, dia numero uno, for Design Guy. The blog for living well, living right, not living whatever hell; with or without grace , doing it well- with the Design Guy.

The Design Guy is a self-taught, self-made man of style. Opinionated, oh yeah. Say it like it is-chips will fall. The truth may hurt, but hey, this is one guys opinion that you've got to love because he wants nothing from you. Make your way though the unlimited choices of living well, in everything you do. The blogs fun-you've been warned. Yeah, Its fun, intriguing and leaves those of the conscious type wanting for more-sorry, not a blog for the unconscious-a blog for you and me, the Design Guy.

Lets get this straight from the get-go: When I say its great, interesting or good-who gives a damn. But consider this, what is good? To me its an opinion of value, worth only what and how one values the issuers taste or opinion.

Take the Stock Broker who thinks a company's stock is a buy because they are about to roll out a new product, one of an esoteric nature. Now say I know this guy. Perhaps he's in the lucky sperm club, smart, maybe Ivy league, but he doesn't wear over the calf socks with his business suits. If he didn't wear socks at all with his suit, that'd be cool. Wearing short socks that show his hairy calve's when he crosses his legs in a business meeting is well, just bad. "Whats wrong with that?" he protests. Answer him? I don't know, If he doesn't understand why this is bad, well what the hell does he know about an esoteric product? He can't dress himself; do I value his esoteric opinion? Ah...

Alas, a blog is born to help us navigate the good, the bad, and the not so attractive. A blog about your home, my home; the way its done; why I bought this one over that one; why I sold the last one; maybe even about why I should keep it. Blogging about the way to do your home, inside and out-that's my business and I'll take you through the process, answer your questions or point you in the right direction. I'm not known for mincing words, so if you ask, are you ready for the answer?

I'll take you to the most incredible furniture, design, antiques and art markets in the world. You will walk the flea markets of Paris, Aretzo, Brussels, Pasadena and Round Top with me. Some of it you can buy while I'm standing in front of the Vendor with a pocket of expensive Euros. If I'm there-your there, but you have to be here first.

With digital camera in hand, and a quick upload, you'll see what I'm seeing. Photo quality not guaranteed, but you'll get the picture.

We'll look at interior fabric collections from the top design houses in Europe and the US.
Perhaps we will do the largest textile show in the US and really see the goods first hand.
China is high on my list-what is going on over there? I like the Maison & O'bjet show in Paris; maybe we should add the Madeira Exhibition in Valencia? We will do the New York Gift Show, the biggest home furniture show in the world in High Point, and we'll do the Atlanta market because there are so many damn Decorators there that the Vendors are out in full force.
Art Basel, either in Basel, Miami or both; perhaps the Armory Show, LA Fashion Week, the Concourse d' Elegance in Pebble Beach. Cannes, the crowds, but Sundance-still cool.

Sports? Try this: The Kentucky Derby, Indy 5oo, Neiman Marcus Last Call; Cowboys in the Super Bowl, the Razorbacks in the Cotton Bowl; Americas Cup, Polo in Santa Barbara, Napa Wine Auction, Natchez Trace; the Clinton's bedroom.

At market we head straight for the temporaries, the manufacturers and designers that don't have permanent showrooms who fill vast exhibition halls with fabric cubicles, bringing their goods and collections from around the world. This is for the the one-of's, the unique.

More? Check me tomorrow.

Good night, moon

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Design Guy said...

Groovey, way DG. And about that bedroom, hum...maybe not!