Sunday, June 17, 2007

FATHER'S DAY---Whats in a gift?

Today is Father's Day 2007. Based on the title, you can surmise that today's article is about gifts, which some of us who are fathers have undoubtedly received. Oh, there are some Dad's who aren't receiving gifts from their ungrateful offspring? Off with their heads!

Personally, I think that we have all received the ultimate gift, that of becoming a Father. I received a card this morning with just that sentiment, not from my off-spring but from my wife. The hand written message was this: "Today we honor you and one of the single most important accomplishments in a persons life--being a parent". She nailed it! Being a Father is the most important accomplishment in my life, (just slightly ahead of getting my wife to marry me). I acknowledge that the ultimate gift for me is that of being a parent.

To borrow a concept from The Lion King, I have always felt that to be a parent was an essential part of completing the circle of life. Your born; you grow into a man or woman; you marry; you have off-spring; you raise and train them; they grow up and leave the home; they marry, have their own off spring. Then one day, sooner than later, your off spring return to you, bringing the love, patience and caring that you once showed them. You're comforted as you ease into your special place in life, that place where so many fathers have gone before us. Yeah, being a Dad is an accomplishment, the ultimate.

The Make you feel old gift...

Now, here's a fashion lesson: I know, I know, this blog is tinging on clothing fashion--but alas, what can I say? My daughter loves clothing (the leaf didn't fall far from the tree). She gifted me with a pull over, zip-front, micro-fiber sweat shirt, with a zippered pocket on the upper sleeve for I presume an IPOD. This gift came with legs I tell you, as in the kind in a new business concept.
"That plastic wind breaker jacket thing you wear, and matching pants have to go!" Declared my daughter.
"They're NIKE!", I protested.
"They're too old-man, Dad" She retorted, with a slight roll to her eyes, as she looked toward her Mom for support.
So, here are the legs to this gift. My daughter was updating my look and my wardrobe with a single article of micro-fiber clothing. The new sweat shirt was just the beginning! Do I remember giving a gift with legs to my Father? Sure, do! But why would I care if Dad looked a little out dated? After all, he was old and wasn't stylish anymore! What was his age when I attempted to update his wardrobe you ask? One year younger than me, 48. Uuooo...that hurts.
Enough of that!

The make you cry gift...

I want to share with you another gift that I received from this same off-spring of mine, her Fathers day card. She wrote the most incredible note to me on the left inside cover of the card. Tears quickly welled up in my eyes as I read her words. It wasn't the first time that she had written a note from the heart to me, and I'd felt the sincerity and love in her words before, but nothing prepared me for these last eleven words in her card:
...and I feel honored to be your daughter. I love you!
Now, that is a gift.


Good Night moon

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