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LORO PIANA INTERIORS fabrics now available on the West Coast

Loro Piana has selected Cabana Home Stores of California ( as a West Coast dealer of the super luxury Loro Piana Interiors Collection, the newest division of the luxury cashmere manufacturer. Loro Piana is the largest Cashmere and Baby Cashmere manufacturer in the western world, with exclusive collections of sportswear, leisurewear, and accessories, and now the same highly desired textiles are made for the home interior.


The company officially launched Loro Piana Interiors in their New York showroom in the fall of 2009. The Interiors fabrics collection offers a wide range of textiles in Cashmere, Wool, Silk, Linen, Cotton and Leathers. In addition, the fabrics have been Rain System (trademarked by Loro Paina) treated, protected by an invisible barrier against dirt and spills. But the true test of durability resides in the manufacturing process, whereby Loro Piana has created cashmere strong enough for sofas and chairs.


Photos, above:
The new Loro Piana Interiors Collection includes (uncharacteristically) well priced Cottons, Linens, and Wool/Cashmere blends, in addition to their famous but pricier Cashmere.


The Loro Piana (the last name is both words, "Loro Piana") family started as merchants of wool fabrics at the beginning of the 19th century. The current company was established in 1924 by Pietro Loro Piana in northern Italy.

After, the war (World War I) , the firm began to establish its reputation of superior wool and cashmere textiles for a growing European haute couture industry, and since then the Loro Piana's name has become synonymous with the manufacture of exquisite cashmere products.


Photos, above:
Loro Piana cashmere throws with embroidery by the chic New York home and lifestyle fashion house, Ankasa (


For six generations, the Italian maker has maintained access to the world's most valued raw materials, and in recent decades it has assumed a proactive position to replenish those resources as part of its business model.


Left: Loro Piana cashmere and wool fabric options displayed in the New York Showroom.
Right: A classic club chair made modern in an over sized "menswear" style, window pane pattern, shown with a winter white cashmere throw. All from Loro Piaina for Cabana Home (


"There was a lack of substantial use of prestigious raw materials in the interior decoration market before. We identified this need and developed a very sophisticated series of fabrics," says Pier Luigi Loro Piana, the current chairman of the company.

Interjection-the DESIGN GUY: Since the brothers Sergio and Pier Luigi Loro Piana (grandson's of the founder) took the helm of the company in the 1970's, they have designed a unique management system in that they rotate the chairmanship of the company between themselves every three years.

"The Loro Piana Interiors fabrics were created to enable Loro Piana's customers to furnish and 'dress' interiors with the same refined quality and attention to detail as they dress themselves," say Pier Luigi.


Left: A selection of Loro Piana wool sateen's.
Right: A contemporary arm chair upholstered in Loro Piana wool boucle fabric.


Left: A classic wing chair is simplified by the blue cashmere/wool blend upholstery fabric, shown with cashmere throw.
Right: A stack of the well priced 100% linen and 100% cotton Loro Piana fabrics, available in multiple colorways, patterns, and solid wovens.


Left: A bag of vicuna wool awaits processing into a luxurious textile.
Right: A product label on a finished Loro Piana product, declaring it "legally sheared".


Whether it's a yard of the interiors fabric or a cashmere scarf, the fibers are sourced from three continents: Europe for Linens and Cottons, Cashmere and Loro Piana's patented Baby Cashmere (also trademarked by Loro Piana) from Mongolia, and from the other side of the world the Andes, Vicuna, a relative of the llama, which produces the softest, warmest and one of the most exclusive materials in the world.

One vicuna produces less than a pound of wool a year and can be shorn only every two years, making their fibers exceptionally rare and expensive.

Almost extinct by the 1960's from poaching, the vicuna is now protected, and herds have been replenished by companies such as Loro Piana. In the 1950's, Franco Loro Piana (son of the company founder, Pietro), discovered the animals and longed to see them thrive. His sons realized his dream with the 2008 purchase of a 4,942-acre Peruvian preserve in his memory.

"Like all precious goods, it [vicuna] crosses the barrier of time. It can be kept for years and even passed on without losing its authenticity and uniqueness. whoever buys one of these fabrics is mad about quality, continuously searching for the best in this field," says Pier Luigi.


Photos, above:
Loro Piana Interiors includes sumptuous suede's (left), and leathers.


"Ours is a very discreet luxury, which relies on top raw materials and never forgets about comfort and functionality," comments Pier Luigi. "Elegance means in this sense, not to show off, but to be at ease in every circumstance. More than a style matter, it's an attitude."


Photos, above:
The new "One Step to Heaven" carpeting anmde of 100% cashmere by Loro Piana at Cabana Home Stores.

At the top of the luxury pyramid is a product that is truly unique in the industry: One Step to Heaven carpeting made of 100% cashmere, naturally colored, and designed for the most intimate atmosphere, not just for the home but for private yachts, planes and helicoptors as well.

It comes in three natural shades (White, Brown, and Kasha--taupe) and has been treated with stain resistant technology.


Yes, it runs approximately $117/per sq. ft. ($1,053/per sq. yard), depending on the value of the dollar the day you buy it against the Euro. The carpet has 2 kilos (2.2 pounds) of precious cashmere per sq. meter (10.7 sq.ft).



FOR INQUIRIES: 805.962.0200


On the next DESIGN GUY post: "Pier Luigi Loro Piana on Nautical Fabrics"

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