Monday, December 28, 2009


It was early afternoon on the fourth day, and as we approached the State of California's Agricultural Check Point Station at the California/Arizona Border, we didn't even try to jockey for the shortest line since we couldn't see out of the cars window's due to our overstuffed packing job.
When it was our turn we pulled forward. The officer leaned forward from her safety rail and peered at me, and then looked at our car, packed to the headliner.
"Where did your trip originate," she asked.
"The Royal Palms," I answered.
She looked at me blankly. "The royal what?"
"I mean Tucson," I quickly corrected myself.
She shook her head. "Go on" she said, and motioned us through, still shaking her head.
No matter, we were thrilled to have finally reached California! Next stop: Palm Springs! That city has some of the best consignment shops, whether its furniture, jewelry, clothing or furs, you name it, there's a shop for it.

PHOTO: A vintage Palm Springs sign, c. 1938.


I think the best consignment store for furniture is The Estate Sale Company, located at 4135 Palm Canyon Drive.

But, be forewarned: They have no "public restroom", which we found out after our very long drive from our last stop, which was the gas station/massage parlor out in the middle of the Arizona desert.

Upon our arrival, we asked to use the bathroom so we could shop in comfort, only to be told that they had no "public restroom".

To which I replied, "That's fine, but we're not in public, we're in your private store, here to shop."
To which the snappy attendant at the front desk replied, "Sorry, you can speak to the manager if you'd like".

A few moments later, we heard her mocking us to a fellow employee, which was so incredibly unprofessional.

Resourceful as ever, we left the store for the adjacent Mercedes Benz dealership, who welcomed us to use their facilities.

Now with that being said, other than the employees (and provided that you used the bathroom prior to your arrival), this is a good consignment store, and the largest in the area. There is depth in every imaginable decorating style: Mid-Century; an overdone sort of "Kelly Wearstler look"; high "frou-frou"; the Palm Beach look arrives in Palm Springs look; the "more is better look"; and the "it looked great in our house back East" look.

Sounds horrible, right?

Well, there were those looks, but there was also many a find amongst them, including a George Smith sofa from London, a Cartier estate jewelry piece, a vintage Judith Leiber handbag, vintage Fortuny curtains, some great old chandeliers and sconces, and a lot of other choice pieces.

PHOTOS: The Estate Sale Company
Left: A George Smith Sofa
Center: A collection of Mid-Century Furniture and Art
Right: A mis-labeled Vase stating: "Goose Bump finish"! I thought it look more like Shagreen!


Speaking of estate jewelry, I've purchased from these guys before, and I thought we got an exceptional buy for the piece we bought. The estate jewelery department (actually a pair of glass display cases and a large safe, located in the corner by the front windows) is one of the best I've seen and has an amazing selection of tasty treats!


This consignment store is huge, about 20,000 sq. feet. You can hardly visit this store and not fall in love with something.

But if it's good customer service your after, you'll have a better chance of receiving it at Ruby Tuesday's Diner (see below)!


Next door to The Estate Sale Company is a very good consignment clothing store, RESALE THERAPY, 4109 E. Palm Canyon Drive.

Owned by Caroldean Ross, a second generation Consignment Clothing Store owner, and the former owner of an upscale retail boutique in Palm Desert's chi chi, El Paseo.

This gal has a discerning eye, and we saw rack after rack of high-end clothing, furs, costume jewelry, designer shoes, and a small selection of authentic designer handbags. We saw vintage Louis Vuitton suitcases, a Dior evening gown, vintage Pucci, an Yves Saint Laurent jacket, a Gucci blouse, Chanel and Jimmy Choo shoes, a plethora of St. John Knits (not too surprised about that are you?), a couple of Escada pant suits, several Prada separates, and Etro and Fendi scarves. They even have men's clothing and lots of men's shoes, but not nearly in as good condition as those for woman.

NOTE: The staff was knowledgeable and nice, and they even had a bathroom for their customers!


No, we did not check into another hotel! But, I do have a favorite hotel in Palm Springs, VICEROY Palm Springs ( , 414 S. Belardo Road, Palm Springs, CA. Tele: 800. 670. 6184.

These stylish digs are the creation of hot LA designer and author, Kelly Wearstler. They describe their look as "Designed in a modern interpretation of the Hollywood Regency Style". I would say that is perfectly accurate.

Originally built as a bungalow hotel in 1933, that was revamped and reborn in 2003. Sixty five rooms, casitas, or villas to choose from, three pools a spa, and an special event center (ballroom).

DO: Take one of the hotel's Townie Bicycles for a spin and tour around the hotels neighborhood which is chock full of mid-century houses, and make your way down to nearby "old town" on Palm Springs Avenue.

DO: Have a massage at the hotel's beautiful Estrella Spa.

DO: Check out the hotel websites link to Viceroy Palm Springs Famous Past Guests. It's a stroll down memory lane!

GOOD TO KNOW: It's a pet friendly hotel (less than forty pounds). Check out their website to see the services offered to pet owners for your pooch or pussy!

DON'T: Forget to book a villa, much better than the hotel rooms, which are more akin to a two story motel than a hotel.


Next stop, The Desert Hills/Cabanzon Outlet Malls, where two outlet malls sit immediately next door to one another, and are located just twenty miles West of Palm Springs.

Until tomorrow...

Good Night Moon

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