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Now for more on the Grey and Yellow color story:

We saw this color scheme repeated over and again, in showroom after showroom. These colors were represented in leather and suede, on indoor fabrics and outdoor fabrics, on painted furniture, in rugs and carpet, wall coverings, throw pillows, bed linens, accessories, even in lighting fixtures, on their shades and glass decorations.

At first, we felt that Blue, as in Persian Turquoise, Royal Blue, all shades of Seafoam, and even Navy were going to be the prevailing trend. While blues were and are very strong, the most interesting trend was the progression from blues, to mauve's to greys and yellow that we've been seeing for the last 18 months. See the photos below:

Photos above, are of a designers actual color "sticks". The base formula for each color is scribbled onto the white band in the middle of each stick:
Left: What we are, and have been looking at for the last 18 months.
Right: What we're looking at going forward, from in Spring 2010, and into 2011.

The change will be gradual, as always, so don't rush to throw your throw pillows out! Just add a touch of the newer colors to what you have to make it work. If you like the results and if you see your design scheme evolving in that direction, then go with it and take it all the way.

It's a lot like clothing fashion, all things are not for all people; think low rise jeans and short midriff tops that show a gal's gut, please don't wear it (I wish the abusers of that fashion truism could read this, especially the plump teenagers that apparently don't have a full length or width mirror. Where are the fashion police when you need them?)!
Conversely, if you see the new colors for the home everywhere and feel that your missing out but you just can't see it in your home, or you simply don't like it, then don't go there.

Remember what Mother always said:
"There's something for everybody (think longer tops)". Okay, then, I can go with that.
She also said:
"If the shoe fits, wear it".
That doesn't mean to wear something you have to squeeze into, such as a pair of lo-rise....oh alright, you get the point.
Said another way: If it doesn't fit, please don't buy it...and please, don't wear it!
Same goes for the home.

The PANTONE Fashion Color Report Spring 2010 features the top 10 colors for women's fashion for spring 2010. The report’s release coincides each year with the beginning of New York Fashion Week. And since home fashion most often follows woman’s fashion, it’s worth at least a cursory view. Here’s what the color company says about the colors Yellow and Gray going forward:

“Yellow has made its mark on fashion and spring will further this trend with gleaming Aurora (shown left). Reminiscent of the first glimpse of yellow as the sun begins to rise over the horizon, this shimmering, slightly greenish yellow adds a bold infusion.”


Eucalyptus (shown right) is the eternal, practical gray. Choose this nuanced neutral and add brightly colored exclamation points” with pillows, accessories and lamps.


For more info on the Spring 2010 color forecast by Pantone following this link:

While at the market in High Point, here are some shots of several design schemes in the showrooms, which featured the Yellow and Gray story.





Now for a little of "Worst in Show"!


If table lamps aren't your cup of tea, then how about the floor lamp, below


All for now. Please check in tomorrow for Day 5!

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Sheri Carder said...

Well now, I think the worst look is a GUY in low rise pants with a shirt that won't reach over his stomach....

Sheri Carder said...

I think the loud yellow sofa should be moved down to "Worst of Show."

Carla said...

I will be checking into your blog from now on...however you've been absent from it for a while now.