Sunday, August 12, 2007


This place is huge!

Whew! What a long day. We started at 9:00 A.M., and after almost 8-1/2 hours of grueling shopping, ok serious "editing", we walked out of the Jacob K. Javitz Center in lower Manhattan at 7:20 P.M., completing 3/4's of the building.

As we exited, I glanced to my left, through the building I spotted a Taxi line the length of a football field. We immediately made our way out the opposite doors, where we were greeted, more like accosted, by a bootleg limo driver in a Black, shined up, late model Lincoln. The front man wanted $30 to drive us back to Park Lane, to our digs at the Waldorf Astoria. We passed on that deal, and flagged down one of New York's finest, a horn honking, New York cabbie. We spent only $10. including tip. What a deal, and probably the only deal we'll get while we're here!

Back to the Show--

Here's the scoop: First of all, if there was a new color trend here, we're still looking for it. No particular color emerged as a "hey look at me" color. So, it's safe to keep your old throw pillows in silvery/sage; sea/eucalyptus; chartreuse; orange; and creme/neutral, for one more season! There was a color that caught our attention, a rich garnet red, on throw pillows by New Yorker Judy Ross. Her textured pillows are hand stitched and embroidered in India, with tasteful silhouettes of Pussy Willow, Coffee Beans, Magnolias, and some trendy, retro floral designs. Judy Ross Textiles also produces coordinating embroidered linen fabrics that sell for $800-$1,200/yard. You read it right, but if I were purchasing fabric in that price range, these would have to be at the top of the list.

You say, "Darn, Design Guy, I would love to have those patterns, but they're just too dang expensive"!

Well friend, have no fear, you too will be able to enjoy Judy's designs without taking a second mortgage out on the house. We bought the Throw Pillows, with Down filling, that will retail for
$245. each. These pillows are 22" square, and will be in the Cabana Home stores the first week of November.

Oui, Oui...

Oh, the French...they're here! I must say they're on their best behavior, and we had a lot of fun with them today. Our favorite was Yiouri Augousti, who along with his wife Ria, design the R & Y Augousti Collection, which is known for executing in beautiful detail, home furnishings covered in exquisite "Shagreen" (Stingray to you and me). We first met and ordered from this charming design duo at the Maison & Ob'jet Show this past January. However, an unfortunate fire in their factory, has delayed those orders until late September.

Just as we felt last January, we had a hard time containing ourselves of the excitement at seeing this line again, here, on this side of Lady Liberty. So, we didn't...we let it rip and added more to our order! So, on today's bender (spender), we bought the most incredible pair of Art Deco benches, the wood richly stained dark brown, and the Shagreen in the color of Mink. Wow, these are gorgeous! We couldn't stop there, so we ordered a custom made, beveled edge console table, in "Parchment", Shagreen. Then, as if that wasn't enough, we ordered a four-panel Floor Screen, 72" wide x 84" tall, in "Sand", Shagreen.

Other fabulous offerings included decorative Bronze bowls with interiors lined in Shagreen, photo frames, mirrors, and lidded boxes with edges trimmed in Ivory colored bone. They also do a line of lady's handbags that Caroline was carefully eyeing-but I managed to dodge that bullet!

We're really excited about bringing the Augousti line to our Mill Valley and Santa Barbara stores, and if we don't buy another thing while we're here in New York, I will consider this show a big success for us! Expect the furniture to be delivered in the Mill Valley and Santa Barbara stores the last week in November. Look for the announcement of the arrival on

A Star is Born...

And what a star he is (in his own mind)! The star? Mr. Douglas Little. That's right, "Mr." Douglas Little, according to the D.L. & Co website. With a quick smile, bright green eyes, and thick red hair, Douglas is a twenty something taste maker, who is behind this company of elegantly overdone fragranced candles, and now chocolates, as to pair the senses with that of scent and taste.

The Motto of this designer is Modern Alchemy, which he defines as, Alchemy was the medieval pursuit to transform unprecious metals into Gold through a combination of Magic and Science. I'd say he thinks he's one-upped it!
Hieronymus Bosch' The Seven DeadlySins and The Four Last Things.

After the sticker shock, the candles with titles like Boston Tea Party, Opium Den, and Timeless, stand in stark contrast to the newly introduced Seven Deadly Sins, beautifully packaged in a round, silk wrapped, and satin ribboned, boxed set of 7 votive's, elegantly clad in black glass and emblazoned in Gold writing, with the sins: Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride.

If you need explanation of the above, give Wikipedia a try!

The chocolate's, selected by Douglas, and made by a San Francisco based Chocolatier. Douglas treated us to a private tasting, our own little private party in full view of all the other Buyer's. Instructing us to, "Sip, taste, and sip" Douglas proceeded to pour three different vintage wines: Port, Sancere, and Sherry; each paired with a different chocolate nipple (yes that nipple)shaped morsel, in flavors of Chipolte/Chocolate, Cherry infused Chocolate, and Seared Caramel/Chocolate. And, so we did! We sipped, tasted, and sipped, though I didn't imbibe...someone needed to be the designated sheep herder to get us through the rest of this vast show!

Though the collection smacks of Goth, Douglas is quick to explain the romance of Alchemy. His is a sophisticated, and romantic take on the magic of his imagination.

He may look like "howdy doodie" in a purple suit, but this guy is no dummy!

Last but not Least--

Was an Italian company, Reviere...Style for Living. Newly launched, these elegant Italian matrons added a fresh dimension to the lacquer tray. These gals used fresh colors of Blue, Tans, Browns, and the fresh use of white lacquer. Tray handles were executed in woven Italian leather, and bamboo, the bamboo is made by the same people who manufacturer the bamboo handles for Gucci handbags. Tray bottoms and accessories were woven in subtle leather reminiscent as that of Bottega Veneta, the famed Italian leather goods house.

Lacquered tray with Woven Leather Handles.

They also did lamps in bamboo and others in metal, with woven leather that appeared at first glance to be cane.

This is a terrific line, and we plan to write our orders on it tomorrow.

Oh (yawn), I'm tired! It's 2:30 A.M. What am I doing up at this hour? It's time for beddy bye, so out with the lights and I'll be back with you tomorrow evening. Buena Noche!

Bamboo "Ring" lamp

Good Night Moon.

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